Fundraising Options

Auntie’s Sweet Chocolates will work with your organization to run a successful fundraising program.  We understand the challenges of raising money and running a successful fundraiser.

Auntie’s Sweet Chocolates has found the most successful fundraiser occurs when your members take orders.  Each person will have a color sheet of the products offered and the order form on the reverse side.  Orders should be taken for 10 to 14 days.  Money should be collected at the time of the order, via check.  Your organization is responsible for any applicable sales tax.  Your organization must provide a copy of your tax exemption if applicable; otherwise, we will charge you sales tax of 5% (Maryland’s).  This type of fundraiser offers 50% return on gross sales!

If your organization does not do well selling and taking orders, another option for a fundraiser is the “cash and carry” sale.  Your organization would set up a time and place to sell Auntie’s Sweet Chocolates.  You would sell the products for that day or days specified.  Depending on the time of year you elect to do a cash and carry sale, Auntie’s may be able to work with you to provide an inventory for the day of sale and take back inventory that does not sell.  This type of fundraiser is not as successful in terms of volume, but is an alternative to taking orders.  This type of fundraiser offers 40% return on gross sales.  We can work with your organization on the inventory to be sold to meet your needs and raise funds.

A third type of fundraiser which can be successful, is the use of email to members and parents of your organization.  If your organization has a group or membership email list, you would send out an email with attachments or pictures of the products being sold.  The email recipients would be instructed to place their orders via email directly to Auntie’s.  We would deliver the orders placed via email to your location on an agreed upon time and place for YOUR organization to deliver or arrange pick up.  Aunties will work with you to customize this type of fundraiser!  Your proceeds would be 40-50% of gross sales!

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